Call Governor Newsom at (916) 445–2841 and demand he act on AB 1400 (CalCare), Guaranteed Single-Payer Health Care for All NOW. 

Use the script below or feel free to compose your own. 

“Hello, my name is ___________ and I’m calling to ask you to keep your campaign promise for a Single Payer Healthcare system in California. People are dying, needlessly suffering, and going bankrupt as a result of our for-profit health insurance system. The situation is urgent and you have the power to guarantee comprehensive, high-quality health care for all California residents and “Lead the Way” to a Nationwide Single-Payer system with AB 1400 CalCare.


We need you to:

1. Lobby California State Legislators to pass the CalCare Bill (AB 1400)

2. Begin the application process for the necessary state innovation waivers from Health and Human Services.

3. Publicly pledge to the people of California that you will sign AB 1400 (CalCare).

As we face a future of unknown repercussions secondary to Covid-19 and the Climate Crisis, we must act NOW to protect both the people, and the economy.


Thank you for your time.”




Health Care for All – Los Angeles (HCA-LA) is dedicated to achieving a universal health care system through single-payer public financing. Our goal is that all California residents will have comprehensive, high quality health care.


Health Care for All – Los Angeles 

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