Single Payer Health Care is Having its Moment, One Vaccine at a Time

REBECCA KOLINS GIVAN , ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR, RUTGERS SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT AND LABOR RELATIONSON 4/9/21 AT 7:00 AM EDT “The COVID-19 vaccination program is giving many Americans their first glimpse of an alternative to our current health care system. The horror stories we’ve grown used to—uninsured and underinsured Americans dying because they

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Hands off Cuba

    RESOUNDING SUCCESS OF THE WORLD CARAVAN BY LIFTING SANCTIONS AGAINST CUBA. These caravans, the largest public protests in LA to defend Cuba’s sovereignty in a decade, urged Mayor Garcetti and Gov. Newsom to invite Cuban medical personnel here to assist in the pandemic crises, to end the blockade, travel

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Racial Disparity that may be Heightened by the Pandemic:

Hospitalization records for patients with health problems other than COVID-19 suggest that that Black adults have poorer access to outpatient care than their white counterparts. Above, an outpatient room at a UC San Diego Health clinic last year.(Kyle Dykes / UC San Diego Health)

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