Just Say It: The Health Care System Has Collapsed

BY VISHAL KHETPAL SEPT 07, 20215:45 AM Recently, a local news station in Houston ran a story about a man who passed away while waiting for a hospital bed. The story went viral. Daniel Wilkinson, a 46-year-old veteran who served two deployments in Afghanistan, presented to a community hospital a few

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CalCare Resolution Passes with the Los Angeles City Council

LACC PASSES CALCARE RESOLUTION!!! 📣❤🎉✊🤙 YESSSSS!!!! The LA City Council just passed a resolution in support of CalCare AB1400!!! The largest city in CA wants state Medicare for All, so healthcare is guaranteed for all CA residents, regardless of income, age, employment or immigration status! LA first, CA next. 🏄🏽

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Kyle Kulinski: Media IGNORES Health Insurance Mafia

  Guest host Kyle Kulinski dives into the failings of America’s healthcare system and the lack of coverage it receives in the media. Just as a reminder, Saagar is on vacation this week, so Kyle will be co-hosting until Saagar returns next week.

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Nurses’ Campaign to Win CalCare: Our Plan for Fall 2021

Well before the Covid-19 pandemic, nurses have long understood the need for single-payer, guaranteed health care for all. Nurses know all too well the deep failings of our fragmented, profit-driven health care system, and California is no exception. 3.2 million Californians have no health insurance at all. Over a third of Californians report

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Fed Up with Dems, Thousands March Demanding Medicare for All

Sonali Kolhatkar Independent Media Institute This article was produced by Economy for All, a project of the Independent Media Institute.   Activists in more than 50 cities across the United States marched and rallied on July 24 to demand a Medicare for All or single-payer health care system. With Congress and the

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