Overtreatment in the United States

Background Overtreatment is a cause of preventable harm and waste in health care. Little is known about clinician perspectives on the problem. In this study, physicians were surveyed on the prevalence, causes, and implications of overtreatment. Findings The response rate was 70.1%. Physicians reported that an interpolated median of 20.6%

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Poll: 67 percent support providing Medicare for every American

A majority of voters support providing Medicare to every American, a new Hill-HarrisX poll finds. Sixty-seven percent of registered voters in the July 26-27 survey said they would support providing Medicare to every American, while 33 percent oppose it. Support for providing Medicare to every American has dropped slightly since

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Covid Killed His Father Then Came $1 Million in Medical Bills

NY Times Article by Sarah Kliff One coronavirus survivor manages her medical bills in color-coded folders: green, red and tan for different types of documents. A man whose father died of the virus last fall uses an Excel spreadsheet to organize the outstanding debts. It has 457 rows, one for

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America has no healthcare system

This is why blaming doctors is pointless: America has no healthcare system  Dr. Robert Pearl asserts that “doctor culture,” taught and learned in medical schools, isdestroying the U.S. healthcare system. I disagree. America has no healthcare system. We have a healthcare industry that supports profit-making healthcare enterprises, regardless of whether

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