California’s Golden Healthcare Opportunity

A 2016 study from the UCLA Center for Health Policy Research revealed that 71% of all healthcare expenditure in California in 2016 was paid for by taxpayers. Coupled with the previously mentioned administrative waste, Californians are essentially paying for universal healthcare, just not getting it.

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Delaying action on CalCare is a Mistake

California nurses say that delaying action on establishing guaranteed health care for the state is a mistake, Californians cannot wait. Lawmakers today are choosing to delay for another year action on AB 1400, the bill known as CalCare that would establish a guaranteed, single-payer health system for all California residents,

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Call to Action

To say that we are outraged is an understatement. This is personal to us, it feels like a personal attack on us. We are saddened, angered, hurt but resolved in our fight to secure health equity for Black families.

Black Women for Wellness Action Project

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CalCare AB1400 Tabled by Legislature

In light of the worst public health care crisis in a century legislators have chosen to put profits before their constituents. Where people of color have disproportionately become ill and died and Blatant disregard shows the lack of compassion, empathy.

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Single Payer Health Care is Having its Moment, One Vaccine at a Time

REBECCA KOLINS GIVAN , ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR, RUTGERS SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT AND LABOR RELATIONSON 4/9/21 AT 7:00 AM EDT “The COVID-19 vaccination program is giving many Americans their first glimpse of an alternative to our current health care system. The horror stories we’ve grown used to—uninsured and underinsured Americans dying because they

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