Medicine and Social Justice

Scamming Medicare: It’s the providers and insurers, not the patients!
I have often written about universal health care and favored a single-payer system, or, in its current incarnation, Medicare for All. I still do and will have some more to say about it in a bit, but wanted to begin by providing some recent examples of the outrageous abuses of our non-system of health care. More important, abuses of the people who are supposed to be receiving health care. Actually, it is not so much that these are examples of new practices, but rather that there have been important recent articles exposing them.

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The Takeover Live! | With Erika Feresten

Welcome back! Today we’ll be talking to Chrstine Olivo who is running for Florida 24th district to discuss her campaign for congress. Following that we’ll be talking to Erika Feresten of Healthcare For All – Los Angeles to discuss California’s single payer legislation “CalCare” which was recently tabled until further

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Medical Tourism

Medical Tourism Association President Renee-Marie Stephano shares which counties she believes are best when considering a foreign medical procedure. Plus, Harvard professor and author of “Patients with Passports” Glenn Cohen shares his tips to consider before traveling abroad for a procedure.

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California’s Golden Healthcare Opportunity

A 2016 study from the UCLA Center for Health Policy Research revealed that 71% of all healthcare expenditure in California in 2016 was paid for by taxpayers. Coupled with the previously mentioned administrative waste, Californians are essentially paying for universal healthcare, just not getting it.

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