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AB 1810, signed into law in July of 2018 by Gov. Jerry Brown, created a 5-member Council on Health Care Delivery Systems. Only one appointment was made, however, and the Council never met. Early in his administration, Gov. Newsom proposed transforming this Council to a 13-member Commission focused on the policy work needed to transition California to a single-payer healthcare delivery system.



During the budget session in July of 1019, both houses of the Legislature passed SB 104, an omnibus health trailer bill, changed the name and created a 13-member Healthy California for All Commission. The $5 million funding set aside for the Council was made available to the Commission. SB 104 calls on the State to submit an analysis of California’s existing health care delivery system and options to transition to a “unified financing system including, but not limited to a single-payer financing system for all Californians.”



The Commission has 13 voting members, four legislative appointees and eight gubernatorial appointees, who are health experts from various fields in public health, medicine, academia, business, and labor. The Commission’s chair is Dr. Mark Ghaly, Secretary of the CA Health and Human Services Administration (HHSA).


The Commission serves in an advisory role to the Governor and Legislature. Thus, the Commission and its members do not have decision-making authority for the state.


There are five ex officio, non-voting members: the acting director of the Department of Health Care Services, the Executive Director of Covered California, the Chief Health Director of CalPERS, the Chair of the Senate Health Committee, and the Chair of the Assembly Health Committee.


A Consulting Team. with health systems, economic, analysis and policy specialists etc., has been hired to provide professional guidance, issue analysis and prepare recommendations for the Commission’s consideration.


The Commission will prepare an initial report to the Governor and Legislature by July 2020 with a final report due in February 2021. All Commission meetings are open to the public. Information and updates can be found on their website









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