Thank you for your interest in our #DoYouCalCare Initiative supporting AB 1400 (CalCare), the Guaranteed Health Care for All Act. Your help is crucial in passing and implementing this life-saving legislation. Fill out the volunteer form below and continue to scroll for some immediate CalCare actions you can take. Let’s make health care a human right for ALL Californians and lead in the larger fight for health care justice!


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        1. Prioritize and Publicize AB 1400/CalCare (website, social media, press releases)
        2. Hold constituent town halls on CalCare and explain the facts, not the spin. 
        3. Take the Patients Over Profits Pledge 

    • Make an appointment with your Assemblymember to discuss items above.
      ***Let us know you have an appointment with your Assemblymember by filling out this sheet.
    • Record a #MyMedicareForAllStory Video
    • Snap a #MyMedicareForAllStory Photo
    • Pass a Neighborhood Council Resolution – See Our Volunteer Form or Contact Us:

Learn more about AB 1400 by attending our CalCare Office Hours every Sunday 5pm-7pm LIVE on our FB @HCAlosangeles


Health Care for All – Los Angeles (HCA-LA) is dedicated to achieving a universal health care system through single-payer public financing. Our goal is that all California residents will have comprehensive, high quality health care.


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We appreciate your support for Health Care for All-Los Angeles and the Single Payer Movement. Your donation helps our ongoing work to guarantee comprehensive,  high-quality health care as a human right and lead in the larger fight for health care justice.