This is James Feresten.  A 5th-grade Student with his Healthcare story.

James’ 5th-grade teacher assigned the class to write a 5 paragraph essay on a cause. After exploring a few causes he chose, health care for all, admitting he knew I could help him with his paper. (Smart kid:0) And I did.

I broke down the difference between health insurance and health care, medical care, and mental health care, explained Medicare and Medicare for All in 5th-grade terms.

I helped James explore websites like the Associated Press,, newsla, and, as you might expect, for research.

As we read and I explained, I wasn’t sure how much James was really understanding about the issues of the insurance

 system and the benefits of single-payer health care systems found in other countries. But, when he showed me the opening sentence of his essay, I teared up, realizing not only did he get it, but he articulated it better than most experts. Out of the mouths of babes!


Christopher Manabe talks about the advantages of a single payer system as it pertains to his life being unemployed.


This is Jackie Hernandez.  Here is her Medicare for All Story.


This is Erika Feresten presenting the racial implications of Healthcare in America.


This is Michelle Verne.  Here is her Medicare for All Story.


This is Maureen Cruise.  Here is her Medicare for All Story.


This is David Baer.  Here is his Medicare for All Story.

By going to a single payer system, I and most Californians would not have to stress out over being stuck with a huge bill or having that bill go to collections and being unable to use provider.

I have insurance through my employer, but I still have $2000 in out of pocket expenses, per year. It’s a struggle to pay my bills!


This is Cynde Willis. Here is her Medicare for All story.


This is Cierra Reeder.  Here is his Medicare for All Story.

A public option will never address the corruption of the insurance industry and the unreasonably high cost of healthcare in this country. We are overdue for universal healthcare. It’s time we join the rest of the developed world and put an end to our cruel healthcare system that puts people into medical bankruptcy when they are sick.  Especially after all collectively coming out of this pandemic…the data is showing that a THIRD of COVID deaths were due to lack of insurance. That is unacceptable.
California needs to show we can lead the country in progressive legislation that actually helps

people on a tangible and life changing level.
A universal single payer system is the only way, and we can show the country that it is the most cost effective and human way to take car of our society




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