Our current healthcare system is broken. Millions of Americans have no coverage or coverage that is grossly inadequate. The patchwork of expensive, unequal insurance plans has contributed to bankruptcy, homelessness, preventable disease, and even death for some individuals.
If you haven’t personally experienced the horrors of the current for-profit healthcare, chances are you know someone who has.
We want to hear from you. 
What has your experience been with the current system and what would a Single-Payer Medicare for All plan mean to you?

Here is how to submit your photo:

1. Take a picture with your phone camera horizontal.
2. Fill out the form below and choose file.

3. Upload your photo file.

  • If you are posting online, simply share your photo on social media with #CASinglePayer #DoYouCalCare #MyMedicareforAllStory and tag @hca_losangeles.
  • If you do not have social media, but still want to share your story, you can submit your video below and we will share it for you.  

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